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Just like there is no manual given out when you have a child of your own, there is also no manual to turn to when we are faced with caring for our own aging parents. It is our goal at Advocates to provide information from personal experience with our care and support, to help guide others through this process


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Suggestions for those with loved ones
who live alone from Inna Pecar,
president of Advocates.

Drawing from her great depth and personal experience of caring for her father, as he grew more dependent on assistance and struggled with severe dementia, she has given us some points to remember.


Tips to ensure you and your family
stay safe at home

Use these tips as a check list to  keep your loved one's home as safe as possible in a proactive way.


Keep your loved ones safe
when the weather turns hot

During the warmer weather, heat and hydration can become an important issue for everyone - but especially for those in a weaker health state, the elderly and the very young, and those with weakened immune systems.