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Our culturally diverse staff ensures your loved one is truly comfortable.
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Our Mission
Our mission is to keep you or your loved one safe at home. Our proactive wellness approach is aimed at keeping clients at optimal health while minimizing unexpected visits to the hospital. We are committed to the well-being of those we serve.

Our Company

Why did we start Advocates Home Health Care?

My name is Inna Pecar and I am originally from Ukraine. My husband Steve and I started Advocates Home Health Care as a result of our own difficult situation with my parents’ healthcare needs. My father suffered from severe dementia — a position further complicated by his language barrier.

His health improved when he was able to receive medical treatment in the comfort of his own home, coupled with staff who could understand his cultural differences.

You will always have us in your corner.

We want other families to experience a similar outcome with their loved ones. Through this challenging journey, we learned how to advocate for loved ones. Advocates Home Health Care provides care while respecting and embracing cultural differences. By enabling clients to remain at home, they often show incredible progress while keeping the comfort of a familiar environment.

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Advocates can help keep you and your loved ones safe at home!

These are just a few of the situations we can assist you with:

  • Worried about your parents
  • Overwhelmed or confused with medications
  • Help to avoid hospitalizations
  • Prevent nursing home and rehabilitation center stays
  • New diagnosis
  • Change in diagnosis (symptoms getting worse)
  • Had a recent fall
  • Have balance problems
  • Unsteady in the shower
  • Post-surgical safety & recovery
  • Have in-home nursing needs
  • Have in-home therapy (physical/occupational) needs
  • Running out of energy or getting weak
  • Finding it more difficult to get ready for your day or for bed
  • Need help with meal preparation

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